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Andromeda—Our IT Services

Your organization is like no other! It has its own specific set of internal resources, its own areas in need of outside assistance, its own timetables, its own budget constraints, and—most of all—its own "character" and preferred methods for getting things done.

Moreover, your interest in reading about our services here suggests that your organization is growing...or that you are addressing some current circumstances that are impeding that growth.

Andromeda lives to serve organizations like yours—at your level of need, your timetable, ...your budget!

Data Network System Design/Setup/Installation

You need system architecture that is both necessary and sufficient to your current and near-term needs that is within reach of your budget. Through our ongoing 23+ years of experience, we will guide you to the most effective choices available to you:

Business Continuity/Network Backup

Your data/system backup and continuity system and plans are critically important for continuous, reliable use of your data network. Disruptions—big and small—are unavoidable, but a proper backup system and plan can minimize the impact of these on your business. We will work with you to ensure you have a backup and recovery system customized to your specific needs to see you through any size problem.

Data Security/Malware Protection

Today, data security and protection is more important than ever. With multiple threats and points of entry it is extremely important to have a solid solution with several different levels of protection.

Web/Email Hosting/Security

While many consider these functions a commodity (and in many ways they are), we think it is important to keep these ancillary functions under the umbrella of your IT provider. It will save you hours of frustration and time, and ultimately save you money in the long run.

Live HelpDesk Access

We have a dedicated team of in-house help desk technicians to remotely solve your issues, from small to large. 80% of callers are immediately connected to a Tier 2 technician. The other 20% receive a call back on average within 1.5 hours. With our remote support tools, we can solve 90% of problems without the need for an on-site visit. This saves you time, money...and frustration!

Onsite Technical Services

While we are very proud of our help desk and their remote capabilities, some problems require feet on the street. Ultimately, if nobody ever sets foot in your building, you are not getting the full value of an IT service company. We have a team of dedicated field technicians that provide our on-site services. From simple PC swaps to full blown network and server upgrades: these guys can do it all. All of our field techs are Level II or better with at least 5 years of experience in the IT field.

Along with your standard IT services, we also have teams available for:

Customized Services Scaled To Your Needs

We are at your disposal in whatever capacity best serves you:

Managed IT Services

As a premier Managed Services provider, Andromeda specializes in protecting and safeguarding your data. We will work with you to make sure all your network gear meets your needs…

…and your budget!

In an MSP role, Andromeda offers a range of service plans—anything from month-to-month "time & materials" based assistance to fixed service contracts that permit "no-brainer" conformance to an annual budget. We even offer V.I.P. plans which permit you to "jump the queue" for HelpDesk and remote technical support assignments! Beyond the functions you would expect from a full-service MSP:

...Andromeda can offer so much more: a single, expert source for a full range of physical security systems which can (and should) freely interact with your data network:

So, not only can we provide professional service for the full gamut of physical security needs of your growing organization, we are uniquely positioned to integrate those systems with any elements of your data and voice network. It is this integration that extracts the full power and usefulness of these systems for your organization.

Because Andromeda Technology Solutions is a complete service company, we provide support for every aspect of your computer system and network: —all customized to your individual needs.

But our job doesn't stop there. Once your network is operational, we can continue to support you with preventive maintenance packages, innovative approaches to data backup, virus and Malware control, and anti-spam solutions.
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